Ten Lesbian-Friendly Jewelry Stores for Engagement Rings



If you’re thinking of proposing to your girlfriend tomorrow or even a few years from now, it’s so important your money goes to the right place. Gay and lesbian owned and/or friendly businesses need all the support they can muster.

Our list covers mostly online retailers to be more inclusive and mindful of those who might have to travel far distances to reach an gay-friendly establishment. We’ve also divided up the findings into price points, so people on a budget and those with a little extra cash to spare are both covered.

Happy shopping and here’s to LOVE WINNING!

1. LYON Fine Jewelry

Owned by lesbian and Girl On Girl star (and former cast member of the Real L Word) Lauren Bedford Russell, LYON Fine Jewelry offers a wide range of high-quality and eclectic pieces. Russell’s line is the perfect place to start if your lady love prefers edgier designs.

On A Budget: Octavia Ring In Sterling Silver for $90.00

Sky’s The Limit: Beaujolais Ring (price is determined by center stone choice)

Visit Russell’s store HERE.

2. Sparkles Fine Jewelry

This Chicago-based store, owned by Rachel Meyering, is fiercely committed to serving gay couples. Numerous reviews on Yelp laud the establishment as a “local gem” and for being a “strong supporter” of the gay community.

In a conversation with The Jewelry Loupe in 2015, Rachel stated:

“You need to make people feel extremely comfortable. They’re nervous. I’ve heard horror stories about the way gay couples have been treated. In my store, I make sure everyone is treated fairly. Everybody should be able to love whoever they want to. It’s just love.”

Bonus is you can buy your ring at Rachel’s shop or on her website.

On A Budget: 14K White Gold Diamond Ring for $660.00

Photo: Sparkle Fine Jewelry

Photo: Sparkle Fine Jewelry

Sky’s The Limit: Engagement Mounting for $2,375.00

Photo: Sparkles Fine Jewelry

Photo: Sparkle Fine Jewelry

3. Krikawa Jewelry Designs

After a Krikawa engagement ring was featured in the 2014 “Gay Weddings” edition of Knot Magazine, the Tuscon-based retailer took off with members of the LGBT community. The site features a wide breadth of creative style categories, like “Futuristic” and “Science Geek”.

On A Budget: Flat Band In Titanium For $105.00

Sky’s The Limit: Constellation Wedding Band In Sterling Silver For $1,790.00

Photo: Krikawa Jewelry Designs

Photo: Krikawa Jewelry Designs

You can visit Krikawa HERE.

4. Equalli Jewelry

Eqaulli has a longstanding commitment to equality AND sustainability. From generic designs to a pride collection, there’s a wide range of rings to choose from.

The company’s website states:

“When you dedicate your business to creating the jewelry that celebrates a love story, you need to have passion for love and beauty in all its forms. Equalli does exactly that with our devotion to using the highest quality gemstones, the most amazing artisans and the best service to focus on the love stories of all couples with collections of gay & lesbian wedding and engagement rings, LGBT pride jewelry, rainbow jewelry and collections to commemorate every milestone.”

Visit Equalli HERE.

On A Budget: Vancouver At Night Ring In Sterling Silver For $74.80

Photo: Equalli

Photo: Equalli

Sky’s The Limit: Achilles Engagement Ring In 14K Gold With Diamond For $1,990.00

5. Proposition Love

Proposition Love is an amazing company that “proudly donates 10 %” of the company’s profits to “organizations that support Marriage Equality, Gay Rights, LGBT Youth and Anti Bullying, and HIV / AIDS activism”.

Visit the store HERE.

P.S. You can save 20% by entering LOVEISLOVE when you check out!

On A Budget: Contemporary Design With Cobalt and Rubber Ring For $275.00

Photo: Proposition Love

Photo: Proposition Love

Sky’s The Limit: 1 Carat Diamond Eternity Wedding Ring For $2,495.00

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