2009 Hot 100 Preview: NIKKI REED


Nikki Reed first showed up our radar as Evie in Thirteen, the bad girl influence on the impressionable Evan Rachel Wood. After several small roles in films like Lords of Dogtown and a spot on The O.C., she was cast as blonde vampire Rosalie, who looked ravishing in white in Twilight last year.

Alongside best friend and co-star Kristen Stewart, Nikki is one of the newest hot young starlets, and has several new projects in the work, including two Twilight sequels. Rumors of her very close relationship with Kristen also don’t hurt her popularity with gay women.

In the next year, she’ll appear as the lead in Chain Letter, Privileged, and Last Day of Summer, which means we’ll only be seeing more of Nikki Reed in 2009.

Did Nikki make your hot list?

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