Kate French and Kristanna Loken are bodies of art


Auto-Straddle’s Daily Fix (which you should add to your blog reader immediately) linked an interview from Inked magazine that features two lovely L Word ladies, Kate French and Kristanna Loken, and the tattoos they love.

French, who got her first tattoo when she was 17, has lyrics from Ryan Adams’ song “Blue Hotel” inked on her ribcage: “Go on and rain down on us because I give up.”

Her favorite tattoo, however, is the one on the inside of her right arm: “Remember to breathe.” No doubt, that came in handy when she was under the covers with Jenny.

Most of Loken’s tattoos are symbols from voodoo, which she says got a bad rap because slaves who practiced the religion used to put hexes on their owners.

Has anyone seen Michelle Rodriguez lately?

Several of Loken’s tattoos have come as a way to celebrate finishing a project. She didn’t mention if she has an L Word-related tattoo, but she did talk about how the show helped her be more open about her sexuality:

I really enjoyed being a part of that show because it showed same-sex relationships in a semi-normal atmosphere. Being open about who you are and who you choose to love is vital for our generation. My sister is a lesbian and she’s always taught me that you can love whomever you choose. When you’re bisexual, you’re not one or the other, so you kind of get discredited by both [straight and gay communities] but I’ve gotten letters from girls who’ve said, “Thanks so much for telling me how you feel. Now I feel normal.” And that’s great.

Also featured in the interview are The Big Lebowski’s Bree Turner and Eve Mauro, who will appear with Will Farrell in Land of the Lost this summer.

Who else just added Land of the Lost to your must-see movie list? Thought so.

What celebrity tattoos get your ink flowing?

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