Beth Ditto gets made into a Barbie


British plus-sized clothing company Evans is issuing a limited release Beth Ditto doll to promote their upcoming line designed by Ditto herself.

The doll is quite possibly the only other plus-sized and queer Barbie-esque doll ever created. The first, of course, was Rosie O’Donnell.

There’s been some controversy about the doll, with some critics saying that the doll slims down Ditto’s curves etc. And to that I say, it’s a doll, people. Dolls never really look like the people they’re attempting to replicate in tiny plastic form.

And from looking at the Ditto doll, I don’t think anyone will confuse it with a Malibu Barbie. Instead of bashing the doll, let’s just be psyched that there’s a doll of a plus-sized lesbo out there to begin with!

London’s Superdoll Collectables made the doll, which is being used to hype Ditto’s collection, which is described as including “rock-inspired pieces with, of course, a huge helping of sparkle.” The clothing will be available in July at select retailers.

I wonder what lesbian doll could come out next. May I suggest Rachel Maddow?

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