Styled Out: Drew Barrymore as an icon


Bisexual actress Drew Barrymore can be found staring back at you at almost every check out line and magazine stand this month — she landed the cover of W, which is a huge deal. Only the most stylish of fashionistas and happening of starlettes are chosen to grace the cover of this particular publication, and Drew’s excellent taste and buzz-worthy performance and direction in and of Grey Gardens certainly earned her that.

Drew’s style has evolved enormously through the decades and we’ve had a front row seat, as she is no rookie when it comes to being in the tabloids. Even when she was busy hittin’ the bottle in her pre-teen years, she was still a total fashion plate.

The thing I love most about Drew is that she can just as easily be the “jeans and a T-shirt” girl as she can take a red carpet and make it call her mama. To me, this fluidity and comfort within oneself is totally envious. I love getting dressed up but it’s definitely a challenge for me to feel like myself- it never quite happens until I’m pulling my fake eyelashes off at the end of the night. Check out this gown in the most perfect shade of chartreuse:

It’s cool too, because sometimes celebrities have a tendency to put on a front, and not so with Ms. Barrymore. At the risk of sounding too trite or like Drew’s World’s Biggest Fan, she pretty much awesome — her personality shines right through anything she wears.

I’ve always been a fan of her use of denim. Jeans are one of those things that high-profile style fanatics are either super particular about or steer clear of. Drew is fearless and fun with her clothes. Barrymore has been rumored to let her dog, Flossie have a go at her jeans and give them a really “un-calculated” look. Wow. Even when she was a little person in the era of E.T. she was sporting tiny jean jackets.

Thud, thud. Thud, thud. That’s the sound my heart makes when I think about how awesome Drew looks, all sultry-like in her latest photo shoot. Nevermind she hasn’t publically been with a girl in quite some time.

Do you dig Drew’s style?

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