Jane Lynch gets Healthy with Julia-Louis Dreyfus


Never mind cake: Let them eat potstickers — especially when the them in question is Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Jane Lynch. The two funny ladies have joined forces for the new Healthy Choice ad campaign.

The result is the funnier than any commercial for frozen food probably has the right to be.

Jane, everyone’s favorite scene stealer, plays Julia’s best friend in the spot. The out actress gives one of her should-be-patented deadpan looks, as Julia continues to shovel it in. I hit replay three times just for that moment.

The new Healthy Choice multimedia campaign is part of a $90 million to $100 million (yes, eight zeros) redesign and relaunch for the diet frozen food brand featuring Julia as its reluctant spokeswoman. You can see an alternate clip of Julia and Jane’s commercial, as well as the campaign’s first spot featuring Don Lake as Julia’s inept agent, at the Healthy Choice Spokesperson Wanted site.

And if you think the on-camera talent is good, you might be interested in the man behind the camera. None other than king of the mockumentary Christopher Guest is directing the spots. Yes, Christopher “Spinal Tap, Waiting for Guffman, Best in Show, A Mighty Wind, For Your Consideration” Guest.

So, how do you like them potstickers? Personally, I could watch Jane and Julia read the phonebook and still crack up.

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