Styled Out: Shady business


Sunglasses are one of life’s little necessities, if you ask me. Not only are they an essential sun-blocker for those concerned with keeping their vision in tip-top form, but they’re straight up camouflage on those occasions when you’re hung over or got stuck doing the walk of shame. Your eyes remain a mystery while donning them, and if you ever need to close them half-way or roll your eyes or something, you won’t even get a second glance.

Ben Sherman

They’re basically you’re BFF, so you should be pretty selective when shopping around for a new pair. Different strokes for different folks people. Just because a particular frame is all the rage, don’t be afraid to try on a few pairs — or 20.

A tried but true classic are the Ray Ban Wayfarers. Someone once told me that this make “looks good on everybody” but that, along with every statement made about fashion, is most definitely up for debate.

My favorite thing about these shades is that they come in so many different colors. I love options and I know most of you do too, so it’s worth a jog to your local Sunglass Hut to check ‘em out. I also recently learned that if you break your pricey shades, the Hut will replace them for half the price, so it’s like straight up getting insurance on your cool.

My girlfriend got into a debate with the teenagers working in at a mall-based Sunglass Hut when she cruised in the other weekend to pick up her new sun blockers. They really liked the aviators while she was questioning them, and with good reason.

Be careful with this one. On some people they look great, and others they look horrifying. I know a girl who wears a white plastic pair pretty much incessantly and I don’t have the heart to tell her that they accentuate the size of her nose and sort of make her forehead look weird. You can get these babies pretty much anywhere though on the cheap, so if you break your sunglasses all the time like I do, this may be the route to go.

They come in classic looks too, like old school cop style which I am a huge fan of. Think Reno 911! but with your hippest T-shirt and shorts. Urban Outfitters and H&M will have oodles of them to choose from.

There is no going wrong with a traditional oversized pair of shades. This variety looks good on quite literally everyone, even smaller face shapes. Big sunglasses are a classic statement to make and you can still stand out with — you guessed it — all the variety there is to choose from. You might even find a really cool vintage pair on eBay or These (and only these type of sunglasses) are pretty safe to purchase online simply for the fact that they are so flattering. Celesbian and recent single lady Lindsay Lohan is a huge fan.

Remember Cory Hart‘s “I Wear My Sunglasses at Night”? “Don’t switch the blade on the guy in the shades.” Use your good discretion and remember that these are just a few of my faves, the possibilities are positively endless.

“Who” are you wearing?