Bravo’s “A-List Awards” were lesbian-filled


Bravo TV just keeps getting gayer and gayer. If it’s not reality programming geared toward gays, it’s Kathy Griffin faking a coming out speech, or Laurel Holloman saying how nice it is to receive an award for sitting on Jennifer Beals‘ face.

Last night Bravo aired their annual A-List Awards, second in gay-friendliness only to the GLAAD Awards — and absolutely first in gay shenanigans.

Like, for example, the part where host Kathy Griffin announced that she is not only a friend to the gays, but also, herself, a gay.

What I need to do as an A-Lister is announce that I’m gay. So I am a lesbian. Yes, that’s right: I am a lesbian. And, um, I’ve known since I was seven blah, blah, blah. So, anyway, I think the important thing is for me to be photographed kissing another woman.

And she did, sort of. Kathy propositioned the audience for her lesbian kissing debut, and immediately former Danity Kane singer/P.Diddy antagonizer/occasional girl-kisser Aubrey O’Day jumped up on stage with her very own paparazzi in tow. And then, this:

If that doesn’t scare you so badly that you’ll never kiss another woman again, you can watch the entire clip below.


On the one hand, I am so over this whole straight girls kissing to titillate the press thing. (And to be fair, that’s exactly what Bravo did with this clip before the show aired.) But on the other hand (the one I would use to smack Kathy Griffin if she ever came at my face like that with her tongue), she’s sort of clowning on fauxmosexual publicity stunts, and shining light on the absurdity of it. Plus, you know, it’s funny.

Mercifully, that wasn’t the end of the girl kissing. The L Word was up against Gossip Girl, True Blood and The Office for TV’s sexiest moment. Bette and Tina’s elevator sex scene from season five won, and Laurel Holloman was on hand to accept the award, which, she noted, kind of looked like a prop from her show.

“I don’t know if you saw the rest of that scene,” she told the audience. (Um, only like 50 times.) “But I sat on Jennifer’s face. I think TV is getting very progressive when you can sit on a girl’s face and win an award.”

She also said she just didn’t understand “this Prop. 8 business,” to a round of raucous applause from the audience.


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Yes, Paris Hilton called it “The L World,” and, yes, Kathy Griffin called her out on it. “It’s a big word,” Griffin explained.

When Kathy Griffin’s My Life on the D-List returns in June, she’s got Rosie O’Donnell, and a Prop. 8 special episode with Melissa Etheridge. Jackie Warner, who was also in attendance at the awards show last night, is coming back to Bravo, and Top Chef Masters is going to have at least two openly gay chefs on its first season.

It’s not “The L World” (yet), but Bravo is doing its part to make sure the actual “L World” is well-represented. Now, where can I see that clip with the prop Laurel Holloman mentioned in her acceptance speech?

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