New Music Tuesday: 4-14-09


Artists are getting creative in order to continue to make music — or at least, if they want to get it heard. Jill Sobule (the original “I Kissed a Girl” songstress) was not above asking fans to help contribute funds toward the recording of her new album. Lucky for her, they were not above helping!

California Years is the product of Sobule’s fan base, in which she rewarded donations with prizes including a free digital download of the album, an advanced copy and a ‘Thank You’ in the liner notes or free admission to all of Sobule’s shows for the year. And for a $1000 donation, Sobule would write you your own personal “theme song.” Three big spenders, however, donated $5000 and received special performances at their homes.

The album is sweet and happy indie album in true Sobule fashion. Fans will be proud of tracks like “A Good Life,” and glad they helped make it come to fruition.

Also out this week:

Grand DuchyPetits Fours (Cooking Vinyl Records)

Violet Clark‘s vocals are a throwback to 1990s female rock singers, when they would frequent mainstream alternative radio. With bandmate Black Francis (aka Frank Blank from the Pixies), Grand Duchy play dreamy and undeniably catchy indie rock.

MetricFantasies (Last Gang Records)

Emily Haines is one of today’s most underrated songwriters. Most well known for her sexy and bittersweet vocal style, she also makes her own solo music as well as Metric’s songs all single-worthy, with extended metaphors and romantic allusions that makes Fantasies come to life.

Tasha ReeTraining the Skeptics (Blueleaf Recordings)

Tasha Ree is a electro-pop artist that just wants you to dance. If you like fun, mindless songs that sound like they borrow from familiar tunes of ’80s and ’90s past, then you wouldn’t mind if songs like “Do You Feel Me” played while you were out at a club.

Ida MariaFortress Round My Heart (Waterfall Records)

Fun, fearless and talented beyond belief, the Norwegian singer is like Lily Allen with substance, a raspy voice and rawer production. Check out her re-worked album with the song “Oh My God” and you will see what I mean: She’s sassy in the best of ways.