Russia’s dairy ads are a little more graphic than “Got Milk?”


A series of milk advertisements in Russia have caused an uproar on the internet with people denouncing the campaign and calling the images misogynistic. The ads consist of images of models wearing cowbells being splashed in a “seductive manner” by large quantities of a white substance that we are supposed to infer is milk.

After looking at the photos, there’s no doubt that they are misogynistic; but I have to confess, I think they’re also kind of hilarious. The photos are so over the top in their misogyny that it just made me chuckle.

And that chuckle, made me feel like a pin had just popped the campaign’s offensive bubble. I’m not saying I think this kind of advertisement should become a trend, I’m just saying that sometimes when things are this ridiculous, they don’t deserve your attention or protest.

Sometimes, a laugh is the biggest protest of all.

Do you find the ads offensive?

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