Amy Poehler says Shane McCutcheon is the most important gay person in her life


I’ve really missed Amy Poehler since she left Saturday Night Live last year, after eight seasons, to go off and have a baby with husband Will Arnett. But luckily, this week is her week, as her new comedy, Spring Breakdown, was released on DVD, and tomorrow, her new mockumentary-style sitcom Parks and Recreation debuts on NBC. She also took some time to do an interview with The Advocate, talking about all kinds of gay things.

When the magazine asks Poehler if her show’ character, Leslie Knope, could be a lesbian, she says, “Sweet Leslie would probably attempt lesbianism just to have that experience and open her mind, but it would be really fumbly and awkward. There would not be anything sexy about it.”

Oh, Amy. You don’t know us very well, do you? I, for one, find humor to be very sexy. Even awkward isn’t always bad.

And, in case you were wondering who “the most important gay person” in Poehler’s life is right now, you’re in luck: “Shane from The L Word,” she says. “She just can’t get her shit together. She’s a broken bird, and she needs someone to fix her. Just when you think she’s ready for love, she sabotages it. And the woman gives a rock ’n’ roll haircut.”

Poehler also shares details about her first brush with the gays, going to gay clubs with her queer roommates while attending Boston College; once dressed as “Baby Jessica” who fell down the well (while her roommates went as the Robert Palmer girls).

On her gay audience:

It’s a very loyal, discerning audience, and one that cares very much about its comedy. There are a lot of times in comedy when you have to be OK with looking the fool, and the gay audience rewards you for taking big swings. Not only do they appreciate the vulnerability of broken-down characters, they also enjoy the wigs.

True. Although, I prefer her natural hair, myself.

Read the rest of Amy Poehler’s Advocate interview here, and don’t forget to tune into Parks and Recreation on NBC tomorrow at 8:30 ET.

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