Cynthia Nixon refuses to get “Distracted” from parenting


Cynthia Nixon is a busy lady. The 42-year-old Sex and the City star is currently playing the lead in Broadway’s Distracted, where she plays Mama, a woman who suspects her 9-year-old son may have ADD.

She’s also going to be reprising her role as Miranda Hobbes when filming for the Sex and the City film sequel beings soon.

As a breast cancer survivor (and daughter of a two-time breast cancer survivor), she’s also involved with the Susan G. Komen Foundation and is a public school and gay rights activist. Oh yeah, and she has her own kids, too.

And it’s her real-life role as mother she talked most about with Australia’s parenting blog, Babble, this week. They didn’t shy away from her being gay at all. In fact, much of the interview has to do with Nixon’s gay rights involvement and raising her kids with girlfriend Christine Marinoni.

“I think I’m a pretty hands-on mum. But also, my kids have four parents, including my girlfriend, who’s been a stay-at-home mum for the last year and a half,” Nixon says. “We don’t have a lot of people we hire, but we do have the four of us [including Nixon’s ex-husband, Danny Mozes, and his partner]. The more parents the better, you know.”

On gay rights, Nixon says:

We’re living in this exciting time where marriage for gay couples is now a reality in some states — nobody was even thinking about that 10 years ago. That it’s now a possibility in some places is certainly a giant step forward, and the goal is to keep working to make it a possibility in more places. But all these things are cyclical. You do what you can and try to show your kids how things can change, where you can help.

In terms of raising her kids, 12-year-old Samantha and 6-year-old Charlie, in a same-sex household, Babbles asks Nixon if she feels it’s easier or more accepted, to which she says “Absolutely.”

If you look at people on the opposite side of the issue, the arguments they make have changed greatly. And think about Milk — that was such a great movie to have come out this year. I look at how far we’ve come in such a relatively short space of time — people write to me say and say things like, “Thank you for being so open. It’s made my life easier.” That’s a nice benefit.

Read the rest of Babble’s interview with Cynthia Nixon here. How do you mombians feel about her comments on gay parenting?

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