Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson break up


Celebrity blogs have been reporting problems in Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson‘s relationship for several months, so everytime it’s being written as “over,” I wait for the official word from Lindsay’s MySpace, where she’s previously said she’d update fans herself.

So this week, when reports said that Lindsay had been shut out of a Ronson family party, among other rumors that involved cheating and drugs, I still wasn’t giving in to the gossip. Until last night, when Lindsay made a statement to E! News, confirming their break-up:

We are taking a brief break so I can focus on myself.

We’ve all been there, where you need some time to figure stuff out — minus the added paparazzi pressure. Without any other comments from Lindsay or Sam, I prefer not to speculate on what the “reasons” for the break is. Until they decide to reconcile or make anything else public on their own accord, I’m going to hold out hope that things work out the best for both of them.

Do you think it’s over for Sam and Lindsay?

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