Styled Out: Recycling fashion


Last week’s Styled Out sparked an astonishing amount of commentary. Thank you again, for that. Amongst the deliberations and opinions of my readers, there were thoughts about what you thought was stylish and you may be pleasantly surprised to know that some of the items you hold so near and dear are making a major comeback this year because fashion works like that. It’s the ultimate “green machine” because it’s always recycling. Some things will forever be tried and true.

Stomping in with a force are Doc Martens. So, basically Michelle Tea proves that, once again, she is the baddest woman on the planet. Check out those DM boots!

When I was a young gal, I longed to be a riot grrrl, but alas, my only outlet was the Ani DiFranco mix-tape that my lesbian senior friend made me — oh, did she show me the ways. With this strong revival of these kicks, you, too, can live out your dreams of owning Doc’s in nearly every shade now that you’re a grown-up and can afford them! Isn’t that always the teenage dilemma? They look great with virtually everything too: I’m a big fan of the “foil” mid-calf version.

Try them with bright purple tights or wear them with your favorite jeans. The possibilities and added “pops” of color are virtually endless with these miracle boots. Check out the ads gracing the pages of Nylon this month.

I know I’ve got a lot of tie-happy dykes out there, so here’s your tribute. If you’re rocking them already, way to go. Just in case you need a hand creating that perfect knot, I’m here to help.

Wide ties can be a super-cool thrift store find, but watch the width — it can be a bit much. Your tie should be an accent to your outfit, not the main attraction so keep that in mind when laying down the paper for one. Length is just as important when tying one on, so make sure that the tie doesn’t hang past your belt line.

Not ready to ditch your scarf, like, ever? That’s totally fine. The scarf is an article that can long over-extend its welcome, season after season. As long as you’re not trying to make wool pass in July, that is. You can wear it as a warm-up accessory with most anything. This would be the perfect opportunity to wear “just a T-shirt” out in 60 degree weather without feeling like a total jackass for leaving the coat behind.

I even like occasional pairing with a tank top, as long as it’s a scarf that’s a bit more light-weight. Mixing textures is great and all, but heavier scarves and summer wear just aren’t miscible.

Are you sporting any of these styles this spring?

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