“Entertainment Weekly” nails its list of The Top 24 Tomboys


EW.com put out a list of its 24 favorite TV/movie tomboys today, and I must say: it’s pretty gay. Well, technically there’s only Gina Gershon‘s Bound character, Corky, that was officially gay, but the rest are ones we just know weren’t that into guys. (Sure, Juno, Michael Cera may have knocked you up, but you’re so not fooling us.)

Some other totally gay standouts on the list: Nancy McKeon‘s Jo from The Facts of Life. She was basically the epitome of a tomboy: she rode a motorcycle, had the leather jacket/ponytail combo and was a mechanic. The fact that she wound up at an all-girls boarding school did not help the lesbian speculation.

Lori Petty‘s Kit in A League of Their Own makes the list, but let’s face it: many of Lori Petty’s characters fit right in as well (hello, Tank Girl, Prey for Rock ‘n Roll, etc.) However, Kit was endearing in an innocent, girls-can-totally-play-baseball kind of way. Plus her fastball certainly gives her some more tomboy credibility.

I may have mentioned my love of Sara Gilbert as Darlene on Roseanne recently, so I was pretty glad to see she made the list. Surprised? No way. Remember the time Darlene went dress shopping and how awkward she looked? Could have had something to do with Gilbert, herself, sure, but Darlene was the ultimate tomboy, only with long, ridiculously curly hair. Tomboy is more than a look — it’s an attitude, and Darlene had plenty of that.

Kit isn’t the only athlete to be considered a favorite tomboy character. Parminder Nagra‘s Jess in Bend It Like Beckham is right up there with her. You may think trying to win over Jonathan Rhys Meyers would disqualify one from the running, but Jess did go off and secretly join a women’s soccer team, and we all know about women’s soccer.

The list also includes notable boyish girls like Mary Stuart Masterson as Watts the bad-ass drummer in Some Kind of Wonderful and Soleil Moon Frye‘s Punky Brewster (aka my first girl-crush).

But the ultimate, ultra tomboy included is none other than Joyce Hyser‘s Terry from Just One of the Guys. You can’t really beat the wannabe journalist in drag for this spot. She cut her hair, bound her chest, chugged beer and dated girls. Basically, she was awesome.

Check out the rest of the list and share your favorites. Who should be included? I must say, I have a problem with Ally Sheedy in High Art not being included. EW must not be up on their lesbian movies.

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