Styled Out: The lesbian stereotype


Stereotypes, old and new, exist for a reason. It pains me to say it, but it’s true. Somewhere along the way enough people messed it up for the rest of the group by doing something so often and so noticeably that it just stuck. Lesbians have a few up their sleeve, some of which I’m glad to see are fading rapidly, and some that are still going strong.

Lesbian haircuts are the inescapable bane of our existence. We don’t all have them, but those who do can be spotted miles away just for sporting one. A straight woman might not even be intentionally trying to make herself stick out by rocking one of these edgy, usually graduated cuts (sometimes with extreme disconnection in the front, sometimes not), which is often paired with extreme color contrast. If you’re trying to put a virtual red flag screaming “dyke” on yourself, go ahead and test your fate at the hand of shears.

Most wearing the “lesbian” haven’t branched out of their coif comfort zone in some years, so take a note — everyone is noticing and it might be time for a softer (not necessarily longer) look. Take a hint from Tegan and Sara. Their haircuts started trends that spanned the straight andgay spectrum — they’re just cool.

What’s up with bandanas? Pre and post the hipster bandana craze, lesbians from all corners of the earth have found the square-shaped pieces of fabric to be an acceptable form of headwear, necessary or otherwise. If you’re not going to be rid of them altogether, please try and coordinate them to your outfit.

Better yet, instead of leaving it in the traditional “handyman” triangle on top of your head, maybe roll it up so that it’s a pretty narrow, less obvious head band? When worn subtly, the bandana is an excellent accessory that can tie together an outfit instead of making your head gear stand out like a sore thumb.

Summer’s right around the corner, ladies. Can’t seem to ditch the extra-long, supremely baggy cargo/plaid/khaki shorts? I totally understand.

The first rule to having excellent style is feeling comfortable in whatever it is that you’re wearing, so I wouldn’t want to yank this one away from you without a safety net. With the vintage influence of the ’50s still flooding the racks this season, there are a ton of longer short options that flatter your backside waaaaay more than that stuff you’ve been wearing since 1998. Plaid is still the print of choice, so you’re likely to find a good substitute that will quell your quest for the perfect summer pants.

Do you follow any of these fashion trends?

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