Hollywood’s “Fempire” gets a write-up in the Times


While there are plenty of beautiful and talented women in Hollywood, the press rarely focuses on positive relationships between A-list women, which is why it was quite refreshing to hear about “The Fempire,” a foursome of talented screenwriters who hang out, get drunk and seem shockingly down to earth despite their success.

Photo by Amy Dickerson/New York Times

The Fempire consists of screenwriting heavy hitters Diablo Cody (Juno,The Unites States of Tara), Lorene Scafaria (Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist) , Dana Fox (What Happens in Vegas) and newcomer Liz Meriwether. According to an article in the New York Times, the ladies work together, party together and support each other when the s— talking from bloggers and beyond becomes bothersome.

In recent years, Hollywood entourages seem to be a boys-only club, with Judd Apatow’s crew taking over the box office and Doug Ellin’s semi-fictional posse on the HBO series Entourage. When female friendships make the tabloids, they tend to end with a catty, public brawl likely created by the tabloid itself, which makes reading in the Times about the tight knit friendship between Cody, Scafaria, Fox and Meriwether a breath of fresh air.

Primarily, the article focuses on the women’s success and friendship, making me long for the opportunity to spend my days working alongside my best friends in pajamas instead of cooped up in an office:

You can find them at work in their Laurel Canyon homes in their pajamas, or sitting next to one another at laptop-friendly restaurants … Whenever one of them has a movie opening, they all rent a white limousine and go from theater to theater to watch the first audiences react.

“We’re usually drunk by the third theater,” Ms. Cody said. “It’s super porno and tacky, and we love doing it.”

It being the NYT style section and all, the writer briefly discusses how beautiful and generally well-dressed the women are, but is sure to stress that their work ethic and talent is the real selling point when it comes to getting a movie made:

“I know a few beautiful women, but none of them write like Dana, Liz, Lorene or Diablo,” Adam Siegel, president of Marc Platt Productions told the Times.

One of my favorite parts of their story is when Cody was being torn apart by bloggers and the media following her Juno success for her stripping history, tattoos and whatever other dirt people could find on her. Fox talks about accompanying her to premiers and film festivals to “hold Diablo’s bag” — something I rarely if ever see women do for other women in Hollywood, given the competitive nature of the movie business.

“There are so few slots for us in Hollywood,” Cody told the Times. “Sometimes you hear the lobsters-in-a-pot metaphor — if the lobsters cooperated, they could get each other out. We’re cooperating. We refuse to just lie there and boil.”

The Fempire plans on working on some screenplays together in the future as well, which will surely be a treat.

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