Gaming is for Girls: “Halo Wars” is successful and “Mass Effect” news


We’re back with your gaming news roundup for the past week or two, and there’s been a fair bit going on so let’s get to the stories that stood out.

“Halo Wars” sells in excess of 1 million

According to Microsoft, the RTS (Real Time Strategy) title “Halo Wars” has become the most successful console RTS on the present generation of machines. Sadly for the development team, their studio closed around the time the game was released.

Who actually purchased this “Halo” tie-in title? I noted a couple local game stores complaining they hadn’t shifted as many as they’d hoped, which seems to fly in the face of this announcement.

Halo Wars RTS Microsoft

“BioShock 2: Sea of Dreams” details announced

We loved “BioShock,” so more detail on “BioShock 2” is very welcome indeed. According to developer 2K Marin, you will have control of the original “Big Daddy” in “BioShock 2: Sea of Dreams.” In addition, the game may feature multiplayer formats, but at the time of writing nothing more has been announced.

“Outrun” for XBL dated

Remember “Outrun” by SEGA? Driving down a beachfront road with a hot blonde in the passenger seat, funky tunes playing on the radio? Well, you can now relive that feeling when “Outrun Online Arcade” releases on the Xbox Live service April 15.

If you’ve got a PS3, fear not; you too will get the game at some point.

“Mass Effect 2” gets official announcement

We’ve all known about it for some time, but it’s now official. EA released the “BioWare announces ‘Mass Effect 2′” statement earlier this week. “We’re going to surpass the extraordinary gaming experience we brought our fans in ‘Mass Effect’ by delivering intensified combat and expanded weapon options as well as increased depth of planet exploration, all while delivering a powerful, emotionally engaging story,” said Dr. Ray Muzyka, general manager and CEO of BioWare, and general manager and vice president of EA. “‘Mass Effect 2’ is shaping up to be an unforgettable RPG-shooter experience, taking players on a non-stop roller-coaster ride filled with stunning plot twists and no-holds-barred action.”

Mass Effect 2

Over at Lesbian Gamers this week, we’ve got a couple of posts that directly relate to gay gamers. One post highlights Wii title “The Game of Life” and the uproar it caused for one Christian mom when her 6-year-old daughter accidentally clicked on a female character and it allowed marriage. This led the mother to say, “I had no idea how insidious they were being with pushing the homosexual agenda.”

We’ve also got a post up about a recent Major Nelson podcast that caused a bit of a flurry. A few gay members of the gaming community who contacted suggested it sounded like the Major and his co-host were laughing at the fact that someone had given the Major’s avatar a gay makeover. We’re not sure that was the case, but certainly some Lesbian Gamers regulars thought so and were fairly upset by it.

That’s all for this week. Happy gaming, people.

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