Portia does satirical gay marriage PSA on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”


Portia de Rossi was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! (ABC) last night — ostensibly to promote her new ABC comedy Better Off Ted, but Kimmel never really got around to that.

The interview focused instead on Portia’s prior career as a teen model, her marriage to Ellen DeGeneres, and her ability to pick shows that are high quality, but not necessarily hits (she tells a funny, shorter-and-snappier-than-usual story about American Idol).

Portia de Rossi interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on 3/20/09


Portia also filmed an amusing PSA about Prop. 8 and gay marriage for the show, “paid for by Married Gay People Who Are Sorry.”

Portia de Rossi Prop. 8 PSA


While Portia’s deadpan delivery is great as always, and the overall concept is funny, I thought the content was just … so-so. I guess I expected the PSA to focus on the absurdity of the argument that same-sex marriage hurts heterosexual ones (as in, “I’m sorry my marriage to Ellen broke up Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman…again” or “I’m sorry we broke up Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer“), rather than inconveniencing Prop. 8 protesters. But I’m just nitpicking; it was amusing overall, and the joke about Buddy the dog being gay was very funny.

I love how a promotional tour for a new ABC show has inadvertently turned into the Gay Marriage is OK tour. I think we’ve heard the word “wife” used to refer to a same-sex partner more times this week on primetime broadcast network television than in the last ten years combined.

Now we just have to hope enough people watch Ted to give Portia an excuse to do it again in the fall.

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