Jen Foster didn’t just kiss a girl (and she more than liked it)


Out musician Jen Foster has something to say to Katy Perry: She did not just kiss a girl. The Nashville-based singer-songwriter’s new single, “I Didn’t Just Kiss Her,” is a tongue-in-cheek response to the smash fauxmosexual song, and details Jen’s experience hooking up with a straight girl.

You may have an idea how that goes, but Jen’s song, which you can hear on her MySpace page, illustrates it quite perfectly:

I didn’t just kiss her

We went all the way and I liked it

What’s the point of trying to hide it?

You never know until you’ve tried it.

She said she only kissed me for the boys’ attention.

She’s tryin’ to blame it on a little too much booze

But I can testify she knew what she was doing.

It was almost like she’d done it all before.

She’s gonna go back to her boyfriend now, before the questions come up.

She’s gonna tell him I’m stalkin’ her around the clock, like I’m makin’ the story up.


While the lyrics are enough to make the song standout, it’s their combination with Jen’s folksy blues style that makes it even better.

Jen is currently playing SXSW in Austin and some other tour dates are listed on her MySpace, as well. Since this is her single, she’ll definitely be playing it live. Learn the words and sing along — just like you do with Katy Perry.

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