“Je Te Mangerais” shows roommates in a complicated relationship


Here’s yet another reason to regret not taking French in high school: Sophie Laloy‘s second feature film Je Te Mangerais opens this month. Starring Judith Davis and Isild Le Besco, the film follows Marie (Davis) and Emma (Le Besco) as they develop a relationship. Marie is a pianist who moves in with Emma, a childhood friend, to attend school. However, it seems they have a torrid friendship that ends up being a little Lost and Delirious meets Notes on a Scandal.

Translated into English, Je Te Mangerais means I’d Eat You, which gives us very little insight into the film (unless, of course, you take this literally.)

The trailer (which has a little bit of nudity, so you’ll have to watch it on your own SFW time), shows the women in the throes of passion TiBette style — I love you, I hate you, I want to make out with you on the floor in a very love/hate way.

Somehow, I suspect things don’t end well for Emma and Marie, though I’ll hold out hope that Emma’s obsessive rules for their humble abode is just her way of saying “I love you.” Or maybe it’s like Secretary and they realize a submissive relationship might just work out for the both of them.

I know, I’m delirious like Piper Perabo. Never touch a raptor! Never think a lesbian movie about obsession is going to end well!

Does Je Te Mangerais sound like one to see?

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