Alexis Raben plays “an ‘SNL’ lesbian” in “Miss March”


Miss March is not an original movie: It’s about a guy trying to win back a girl. It involves a road trip, vulgar sex jokes and immature actions involving bodily functions. And, of course, some “lesbians.” Basically, it’s American Pie meets Road Trip meets Fired Up meets — I’ll stop now.

The film focuses on Eugene, a guy who wakes up from a four-year coma to realize his once sweet and innocent girlfriend had become a centerfold model in a Playboy-like magazine. Ignoring the fact that they probably don’t have much in common anymore, he begins his quest to get her back, and for some reason, girls making out with each other seems to help. Here’s the trailer:

Thanks to reader Lisa, we learned that the girls make frequent appearances making out in the back of Eugene and his friend’s car, distracting them so much that they get into more than one accident. (Lesbianism: still shocking!) There’s also a scene involving one of them picking a lock — with her tongue. Seriously. The women also are always referred to as “the lesbians.” That’s great visibility, right?

In a recent interview, Alexis Raben, who played one of “the lesbians,” Katja, says she was actually a bit nervous to play such an overtly sexual lesbian character:

Of course, you’re always going to be a little nervous when playing a highly sexualized character. However what made this one different was the over-the-top comedic style of the film. The performance it called for was more of an SNL rather than the L Word style. That instantly took a lot of pressure off, leaving me free to just play and be silly. As far as the character being a lesbian, I actually found it refreshing and kind of intriguing to play an extremely sexual woman who is oblivious to men.

Sure, “the lesbians” may have been oblivious to men, but it seems like roles like these are made simply for the men (both on-screen and in the audience), so they can’t be truly oblivious, right?

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