TwitterWatch: Joan Jett, Marga Gomez, Ellen DeGeneres, and more


Welcome to another edition of TwitterWatch, where we bring you entertaining recent tweets from famous and semi-famous queer women in entertainment.

Out musicians Joan Jett (@joanjett) and Jen Foster (@jenkfoster) tweeted about what they’re working on.

Out comedian Marga Gomez (@margagomez) tweeted about listening to the recent discussion of The L Word on NPR.

Ellen DeGeneres (@theellenshow) tweeted about prepping for having wife Portia de Rossi on her talk show Monday to talk about Portia’s new ABC comedy Better of Ted (which I’ve seen the first two episodes of, and absolutely love).

Hey, if you can’t count on your wife to pimp your latest project, who can you count on? (And have I mentioned how much I love Better Off Ted, which starts next Wednesday at 8:30pm on ABC? You must watch it!)

Any guesses on what Portia’s going to tell her?

Very funny lesbian blogger Riese (@autowin) sent a tweet about how to get her tweets on this list. Here you go, Riese!

And here’s the Random Lesbian Tweet for this edition of TwitterWatch — just because it made me laugh.

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