Styled Out: Looking good for someone else’s day


Ah, wedding bells. I can hear them in the air, can’t you? And this isn’t just because I happen to live down the street from a church or two. No, now is when brides all across the country start torturing their friends and loved ones with the perfect shade and fit of chartreuse for you to glide oh-so-gracefully down the aisle in as a prelude to the biggest performance of their lives (did I stutter?) And of course you can always wear these visions of style again. (Right.)

Anyway, I really should be thanking my lucky stars that I don’t have to purchase a $200 chiffon get-up this year, a rare exception in the span of my 20s. It seems like every year for the past four years or so I’ve been throwing down stacks on bridesmaid dresses and most of their accessories. I just don’t get it. The classic Christian ceremony of matrimony is less than forgiving of the fashion-conscious gal, let alone if she happens to steer clear of the feminine way of dressing.

May I suggest a few alternatives? If we have to throw on the dress and heels for the day (thanks for the slippers for the reception BTW, maid of honor), why not just let us pick the dress? Better yet, pick a dress we can actually wear again. In all seriousness, it’s just not necessary to go the tired route of the bridal boutique. If I’m going to throw down a few hundred for a garment, it better be couture. Everyone is honored to be asked to stand by their best friends or relatives on their big day but seriously — Nordstrom can order just as many of the same type of dress without all the gaudy decor choking your bridal party while they wait to be fitted. In a battle between Nanette Lapore and David’s Bridal, N.L. would take the trophy. Trust me, it’ll look so much more tasteful.

For our more androgynous and butch counterparts, how about just really dropping the B.S. and letting them feel comfortable. They’ll look great, I promise, because confidence and being comfortable are the very spine of being stylish. You love them as they are, so let them wear a button-up that coordinates with the colors of the rest of the girls in skirts. No one will faint, and Grandma will tell them they look dashing.

I’m loving the smell of flowers in the air, but I’m wondering who’s carrying a spray of them down the aisle this year?

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