6 Lesbian-Owned Businesses You Can Support this Saturday for #LezBiBuy


This Saturday is our second annual LezBiBuy, a day of supporting lesbian and bisexual-owned businesses so we can stop losing some our spaces and put money back into our community. But if you aren’t able to get to a brick-and-mortar near you—maybe there aren’t any places nearby, or you just can’t make it—we have some online options that we strongly suggest you peruse and purchase from. (Don’t forget to tweet us or post about it on Instagram using #LezBiBuy!)

Flaming Idolsflaming-idols

Robin Markle has turned the idea of traditional alter candles on its head. With Flaming Idols, she celebrates the patron saints of queer pop culture, and for only $10 a piece, you can own a candle bearing the face of your favorite celesbians and characters. The new winter collection includes Denise of Master of None and Ruby Rose

Greyscale Goods10553765_1553760884889987_2056572012947842325_o

If you’re the kind who prefers neckties to tights, Greyscale might be your new go-to. The company is basically a personal stylist for gender non-conforming women. Every month, they curate clothing and accessories for you based on your wants, needs and personal style. The membership is $30 a month and they ship you a box of things to try. You only pay for what you keep, the rest you return. 

Small Equalssmall_equals_mint_condition_ff

It has been impossible to ignore that bad ass The Future is Female shirt on feminist celebrities as of late, and that comes from the mind of lesbian feminist Liza Cowan. You can buy the original button (created in 1976 for Labyris Books, the first women’s bookstore in New York City) and more at her online shop.

Heidi Ho OrganicsHeidoHoChevreLG

Shark Tank fans will recognize this brand of vegan, nut-based cheeses that wowed three out of four sharks. Even if you’re a dairy eater, Heidi’s plant-based products will have you returning for more, which isn’t a bad thing considering you can nab them for less than $10 a piece.  

Patricia Green Cellars1347fc82-1c9a-41d7-88ec-086cb1db07e6-Large

Vino lovers will go mad for the pinot noirs out of the Willamette Valley. Buy a bottle or join their wine club where you can choose between six or 12 different bottles per year and get a discount on any other purchases you might be prone to make while sipping on some ravishing reds.

Dori Midnightmg_4341_1024x1024

Dori’s apothecary items include elixirs for healing broken hearts, a self-defense spray (“Boundaries in a Bottle”) and honeys infused with spells to encourage the love, sex or fertility you desire. Everything is specially lesbian witch-crafted!

Have any other online businesses we should know about before Saturday? Let us know!