Gaming is for Girls: “A Boy and His Blob” gets remade


“MySims Racing” announced

Those cute little “MySims” will be racing onto Wii and DS later this year in the form of the aptly titled “MySims Racing.” The game will enter players in a driving school where they’ll learn all the skills needed to take on rival racers on some of the “trickiest tracks in the land.”

There will be kart customization, power-ups and gadgets for winning races. You’ll be able to create and customize your MySim character and design your own kart. “MySims Racing” will also feature a standard four-player mode.

A Boy and His Blob Nintendo Wii and NES

Remake time for “A Boy and His Blob”

Majesco has announced a Wii remake of the NES classic “A Boy and His Blob.” Executive vice president of operations Gui Karyo says of the game: “When ‘A Boy and His Blog’ first appeared in 1989, it captured the imagination of gamers everywhere with its heartwarming storyline and unique game play. Twenty years later, we are proud to bring an updated — yet still charming — re-imagining of this beloved title to a new generation of Wii players.” No release date has been announced.

Hysteria Hospital Emergency Ward

Oxygen announces “Hysteria Hospital: Emergency Ward”

Fancy stepping into the shoes of an ER worker, deftly running or hobbling from one patient to another Carrie-Weaver style? Well if you own a DS, Wii or PC, “Hysteria Hospital: Emergency Ward” might just be for you. This essentially looks a little like “Theme Hospital”: treat the patients, keep them happy, and do it all as fast as you can. It’ll be released in April.

Will “MotionPlus” be out in June?

Remember awhile back when E3 2008 Nintendo unveiled the new WiiMote addition of “MotionPlus”? The WiiMote add-on will enhance the precision of control you have with your Wii. Though Nintendo is remaining close-lipped about its release, it looks like it may release in June given that is when the “MotionPlus”-compatible game “Grand Slam Tennis” is released. For date hoppers, that would be June 18.

“The Beatles: Rock Band” releases Sept. 9 in the U.S.

If you’ve got a spare $250 laying around, you’ll need the lot if you want the premium bundle (Xbox 360, PS3, Wii). The game alone will cost you $60 and the standalone guitars will cost you $100 (all prices and release info for the U.S.). We dread to think how much this is going to cost in Europe or the Antipodes when it is eventually released in those territories, given the price hiking that goes on compared to the U.S. Here’s hoping it’s got all the big hits on it and isn’t another “Guitar Hero: Aerosmith,” with only a few of the actual hits and a lot of lesser-known numbers.

Other gaming tidbits this week:

The creator of “Prince of Persia” is allegedly penning the upcoming Fathom movie. Comic book fans may also be happy to know Megan Fox will be taking on the role of Aspen Matthews, something we alluded to on LesbianGeek last year.

Slight Spoilerage: “Tomb Raider: Underworld” download pack two information. From the press release:

Stepping into the shoes of the Doppelganger, a clone of Lara Croft, you’ll get to witness first hand her superior shadow powers, increased agility and use her ability to slow time to unleash devastating melee combos.

If you haven’t entered the caption competition over at Lesbian Gamers to win a Lara Croft tee and figure, what are you waiting for?

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