Styled Out: Transitional weather-wear


Weather-wise, we’re breaking free, but it’s not all clear skies and warm sunny days quite yet. What to do in all this in-between weather? The one pro to the more extreme seasons is that they’re pretty much always a sure bet, and it’s not hard to decide to pull on a down parka or sandals when the weather is consistently one way or another. I like to affectionately call this other time in our lives, “The Awkward Season.” Fear not, folks, because I have an agenda.

Definitely invest in some great galoshes. They don’t have to be bold and bright, or even expensive. That’s the beauty of them: Rubber can run pretty cheap and you can still look great. I’m admittedly lusting for the Hunter-brand boots that might put a little bit more of a dent in your checking account.

Hunters come in many shades of awesome colors while still maintaining the ultimate classic look. If you do take the plunge in this puddle, you’ll definitely get more bang for your buck — they come with an optional wooly insert that will keep your toes toasty if the temperature decides to drop unexpectedly. Combing the internet for a good pair of rubber boots is pretty easy, too. I like to peruse hunting and fishing sites for an exceptionally high pair of army-green knee highs. Everyone looks cute in galoshes, trust me.

For another look that doubles your fun, try a hoodie with a button-up. I think this get-up is so super snappy, so much so that I even think it could qualify for casual date wear. If you’re too warm, you can ditch the hoodie and still look great. By pairing the two, you end up looking fashion forward and totally interesting, and it’s such an easy solution when you’re unsure of whether the occasion is a “dress-up” or “dress-down” situation. Hoodies and button-ups offer the perfect opportunity to experiment with patterned shirts without feeling so “loud.”

Tegan and Sara, fans of the hoodie

My newfound love for spring is cardigans. They come in so many varieties at every level of price. I really like the three-quarter option, as it allows for — you guessed it — versatility. It truly is of the utmost import when you’re constantly deliberating the outside temp. Cardigans are a classic way to color that can be modernized, very much so if you choose. I was in Forever 21 the other day and was somewhat blown away at how trendy the button-up sweater had become.

You can walk into nearly any store and find a style that suits, but I’m particularly keen on Built by Wendy and Brooklyn Industries.

How will you be defending yourself against March’s lions?

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