What’s the Deal with Lesbians and Cats?


In honor of National Cat Day and National Lesbian Day (which is a thing I just made up), let’s explore why lesbians are obsessed with cats. I think I’m someone who can speak to this very eloquently, as I recently spent $200 on a professional cat whisperer. (p.s. That shit worked!) The simple fact of the matter is lesbians and cats have a lot in common.

Coming out of the closet is so much easier for both of us with a little encouragement.


We both have to resist the urge to merge. “No Cheryl, you can’t tag along to brunch at the Vegan cafe. I need my autonomy!!!”


Neither cats nor lesbians can resist the sick beats in Tegan and Sara‘s Hearthrob album.


 We have to deal with the patriarchy’s shit on the daily.


We love to hang out in groups. RIP lesbian bars.


We get super invested in television programs. “Chicago Fire hasn’t been the same since they fridged Shay.”


We both have a very complicated relationship with Taylor Swift.


Breakups can be really tough for us, especially when we’ve U-hauled it together.


 Not to brag, but we are both pretty good at sports.


I think this one is pretty obvious…we are obsessed with our hair.


 How else are cats and lesbians similar?

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