Wanda Sykes says “I Do” again


Staying true to her pledge to fight for equal rights in the LGBTQ community, Wanda Sykes has teamed up with a California non-profit group that works to educate the public about the importance of equal marriage for all.

Sykes, now on the board of directors for the Equality California Institute, together with the Let California Ring organization, has recently launched a new campaign: “I Do.”

The campaign hopes that through merchandise, supporters of equal rights will spark conversations within their communities.

The merch reads, “’I Do’ Support The Freedom To Marry,” and can be displayed via t-shirt, button, yard sign and bumper sticker. All proceeds go toward marriage education work in California. Check it out at www.supportido.com.

Wanda recorded a short video for the campaign, urging supporters to be “loud and proud,” and also wrote a letter on the website:

I do. I do believe in equality for all and I do want to make a difference. When Prop 8 passed, I was heartbroken. As a black lesbian, I already knew there was a lot of ignorance and misunderstanding out there (trust me), but Prop 8 still stung me deeper than I ever thought it would.

She goes on to encourage supporters of same sex marriage to start one-on-one conversations with anyone they can, stressing how important equal marriage is to them:

We all need to talk to our friends, that straight couple across the hall or that favorite cashier at the grocery store.

The merch isn’t the prettiest stuff in the world, but effectively gets the point across: They may have won on 8, but we aren’t backing down.

It’s good to see Sykes fighting the good fight, and let’s hope her status and general hilariousness garners more support for the cause.

While I generally wouldn’t wear such a text-heavy tee (I’m all about minimalism when it comes to fashion) I think a button would be lovely on my lapel.

Can displaying your support or disdain for something on your body or property make a difference? Or do you prefer a more on-the-ground approach to activism?

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