“Couple-ish” stars non-binary & queer characters you’ll fall in love with


You know Kaitlyn Alexander from their role as LaFontaine on the hit web series Carmilla, but the highly ambitious artist has been creating their own content on YouTube and blazing their own trail from the get go. Now, along with real life bestie and fellow Carmilla actor Sharon Belle, Kaitlyn is starring, writing, producing and even singing the theme song to the new original series, Couple-ish.

The trailer just dropped, and it’s pretty fantastic. Non-binary bisexual characters! Lesbians from England! Kissing!


I wanted to know more about this incredible new series so Kaitlyn and Sharon were kind enough to answer some of my questions.


AfterEllen: OK, Kaitlyn—how did you come up with the idea for Couplish?

Kaitlyn Alexander: I was doing that thing where I binge-watched couple videos on YouTube for hours on end when I had this really weird thought. I was like, “What if they were just faking it so one of them could stay in the country?” And then Couple-ish was born. 

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AE: What’s it like working with each other in the series since you are both such good friends in real life?

Sharon Belle: Working with Kaitlyn on something that was our own was so amazing. We had been talking about working together for a while just because we hang out all the time and why not film something? I knew Kaitlyn had been working on writing Couple-ish but we both had no idea it would get up on it’s feet so fast. When Kaitlyn told me it was finished and then asked me to be their Rachel, I was crazy excited.

There was this new interest and inclusion I felt working on Couple-ish that I had never felt before on other projects. Part of the reason was being there from the beginning and helping with the Kickstarter, and the other part of it was working so closely with one of my best friends. I totally believe that without me, Kaitlyn would have brought this project to fruition and it would still be amazing because that’s just the type of person Kaitlyn is. However, I think going through this together made the whole process easier on the both of us. We already know each other so well, so our character relationship was a breeze. We also know how the other works, so whenever things got tough, we were able to read that and be there for each other. I feel very lucky to have Kaitlyn in my life, and the fact that we can have a working relationship together as well just makes things all  that better. 

KA: Working with Sharon on this was absolutely amazing. I remember going up to her about eight months before we filmed and saying “Hey, I think I’m writing this thing. It’s about this and I’d love it if you’d consider working on it with me.” And Sharon was like “Shut up, yes.” So it was kind of awesome to have that level of support from the very beginning. We’re way too close in real life, which you’d think would make working with each other kind of hard, but it was absolutely the best filming experience I’ve ever had. It was like hanging out, but on camera and a lot less like ourselves. She’s wicked talented and I’m so lucky to get to work with my best friend.

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AE: What were the biggest challenges of putting the show together and what has been the most fun?

KA: I think the biggest challenges of putting the show together was honestly writing it. When I thought “Hey, half the series is going to be in vlog format,” it also made it necessary for me to split up the story into kind of the fake/real. Mapping out the subtext of the vlogs was so hard because it had to look convincing but there had to be so much underneath what everyone was saying. I think the part that’s been the most fun for me has been seeing the rough cuts of the show land in my inbox. It’s this bizarre feeling of “oh that’s what that scene actually looked like holy hell.”

SB: I was not a producer. I do not have the hardest job, I know that. I’m sure there were terrible difficult things that went on behind the scenes that I was graciously sheltered from (thank goodness), but from my perspective, the hardest part was casting our Amy. The casting process is something I went through from beginning to end with everyone. Casting the perfect Amy was crucial. Dee and Rachel may seem like the stars of the show, but Amy is the beating heart. Amy also plays opposite Rachel quite a bit so it was important for us to have great chemistry. We went through I think 5 days of auditions and didn’t find anyone who was just right. We put up more castings, we looked at more headshots but we couldn’t find anyone. We were literally at the point of choosing someone we weren’t really sold on when Kaitlyn said “MERCEDES!” So she came in,  auditioned, and got it, right there. 

I always have the most fun when I am in front of the camera with another person acting our hearts out. So for me, the most fun parts were my scenes with Kaitlyn and Mercedes [Morris]
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With Kaitlyn because, even though we have been in another show together before, we have never actually had any on camera interactions. It’s crazy to think but, it’s never happened. So having the opportunity to act with Kaitlyn was just amazing. They are so talented and so impulsive it’s always exciting acting with them. With Mercedes because we have many many scenes together and throughout the show, we develop a very intense relationship. Trusting someone like that, giving them everything in a scene, is just so thrilling and almost therapeutic.
Couple-ish will be coming to YouTube this December so follow their Twitter for updates.