Jodie Foster gets behind the wheel of a fast car


Jodie Foster likes to keep her private life private, which I respect. But last week, she revealed something that I am very happy to share: Jodie is one fast woman.

Here’s the story: Foster’s Prius was pulled over by cops from Beverly Hills for going 54 in a 35 mph zone. That could happen to anybody, right? But of all the cop cars in all the towns in the world, this one had to have a film crew for the truTV show Speeders riding along. Oops.

The little lamb hardly kept silent, however, when she was accused of speeding. She insisted — quite adamantly, according to a witness — that she was going 30 and that the radar gun was wrong.

I realize that the smart thing to do when you get pulled over is to be polite, even if you don’t agree that you were breaking the law. But this wasn’t exactly a normal situation. I think that if I got pulled over and an entire film crew got out of the police car, I’d be testy, too. Especially if I had the slightest inkling that the crew was from the fabulous folks that brought us “Grandmamas in Pajamas.”

Needless to say, Jodie declined to sign a waiver for Speeders to use the video. I suspect she was overdressed for the part anyway.

What do you think? Was Foster justified in raising a stink about the ticket? Or should she have just accepted her citation calmly and stayed under the radar?

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