Jenny Shimizu gets quizzed by “Life & Style”


Out model/actress/mechanic Jenny Shimizu has a small profile in this week’s issue of gossip rag Life and Style. She told the magazine about being the new judge on Bravo’s Make Me A Supermodel and, of course, her former love life.

It seems that Jenny Shimizu cannot do any interview without being questioned about Angelina Jolie. In the press, and in the lesbian world, she is always known as “Angelina Jolie’s” ex. Not a bad moniker mind you — I mean, she’s Angelina — but I’m guessing that Shimizu wants to be known for something other than having sex with one of the world’s most beautiful women.

Life & Style went on to ask Miss Shimizu about another famous supposed ex, Madonna.

Shimizu was somewhat coy on the topic of dating Madonna, giving only this answer as to whether or not the two were ever officially an item:

Madonna’s a wonderful woman. When I first got to New York, I knew very little, and she knew all about the city — she was a wonderful kind of tour guide.

Yeah, I bet!

Hopefully with her new role on Make Me A Supermodel (which premieres on March 4), Shimizu will be able to show a broader audience that she does more than sleep with beautiful famous women. That being said, that’s an obstacle I’m sure many of us would be glad to face. Just saying.

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