A princess is the top pin-up for British lesbians


My favorite European website, EurOut, alerted us to the news that, according to a poll by dating site gay-parship.co.uk, the top pin-up for British lesbians is Princess Beatrice. And boy was she surprised.

Actually, Fergie’s daughter, who turns 21 in August, usually looks a bit wide-eyed, although whether she is innocent depends on which tabloid you read. Sadly, much of the British gossip seems to be about Bea’s weight. God forbid a beautiful young woman in the public eye should be anything but skeleton thin. Just look at this pair of auburn-haired lovelies.

Second place went to Peaches Geldof. Um, OK.

I admit to not knowing anything about Geldof other than who her dad is; but she seems to be a sort of British Paris Hilton, “career”-wise. I trust our UK readers will enlighten me about her appeal.

Sienna Miller took third place, a well-deserved honor any way you look at it.

But here’s another view, just in case.

Rounding out the list are British model and TV host Tamara Eccleston and American model and actress Elizabeth Jagger.

I’m sure all of these ladies are lovely and deserving of their lesbian admirers. But with all due respect to the poll participants, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?

Did you forget Rachel Weisz?

Lena Headey?

Keira Knightley?

And the most blatant omission of all:

What do you think of this poll? Is Princess Beatrice the Brit you most want to date? Who are your top five British pin-ups?

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