Diablo Cody takes on zombies for her next film


Diablo Cody certainly has a way with down-and-out protagonists. From pregnant teens to women with multiple personalities to vampiric cheerleaders, the writer has her finger on the pulse of the counterculture zeitgeist. Variety is reporting that Cody has just received the rights for a film based on the yet-to-be published book Breathers: A Zombie’s Lament by S.G. Browne.

Breathers is a novel about “a recently deceased Everyman and newly minted zombie who is having trouble adjusting to his new existence.” The zombie then meets some “kindred souls” when he begins to attend meetings for Undead Anonymous.

Cody will once again be working with Fox Searchlight, which was behind Juno and her September film, Jennifer’s Body. The book will be published next week, so if you’re a fan of zombies, it might be worth reading before the casting process begins and starts forming a mental image of who’s playing who in your head.

It kind of sounds like a zombie-fied Fight Club to me, which wouldn’t be so bad, as long as there’s a Helena Bonham Carter-type involved. Are you interested in Cody’s new project?

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