The Weekly Geek: The best little gadget you already own


Raise your hand if you regularly use your cell phone camera to take pictures of things besides goofy blackmail photos of your friends in compromising positions. Yes? Congratulations, you know the joys of never forgetting your parking spot. No? Well, then you’re not taking advantage of the most convenient memory-boosting tool in your arsenal.

I spotted a handy list of uses for the simple phone camera on Geek Sugar the other day, and they certainly had a few great suggestions. The wise folks suggest snapping pics that’ll help you remember things like where you parked your car or what shade of eyeliner you favor — you know, helping you keep track of little details that often come back to haunt — or severely annoy — you. It’s all good advice, but I think a few lesbian-specific tips are in order as well.

For example, you can use your camera phone to keep away the ladies’ night beer goggles. The next time you’ve had a few and you think that the super hot baby butch sitting at the bar is just meant to be the love of your life, take a discreet photo, send it to a sober friend and find out if it’s a go or no go situation. You’ll be glad you did.

If you’re looking to adopt a furry friend, it’s hard to beat a cute mug to show your friends. Nothing says, “we need another cat” like an adorable “LolCat” worthy picture in the old inbox. You get major bonus points for actually putting a poorly spelled, hilarious caption on the bottom.

Or, if you happen to be shopping for bedroom-related toys and you’re looking for advice from a knowing friend, you can offer a few side-by-side comparison pics for reference. It’s really the next best thing to “try before you buy,” which, let’s face it, wouldn’t work well in this area. In fact, this is a tactic I’ve always used when clothes shopping by myself — especially for items that must be girlfriend-approved. It’s easy for her to spot the faux pas and easy for me to snap a quick picture in the dressing room, avoiding any and all embarrassment later on.

The phone camera also happens to be a fantastic way to score photographic evidence when the case calls for it. Is it totally your girlfriend’s turn to take out the garbage or do some other unpleasant household chore? Get it on film (or pixels) and present it as exhibit A if she argues. Conversely, if you need to score a few points in the romance department, sending her a picture text of a memorable place or a gift you’d like to buy her may just do the trick.

Do you have any good camera phone tricks? Share them in the comments.

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