Styled Out: Fashion week gives us something to look forward to


Yes, it’s that time again. Last Friday the 13th kicked off the bi-annual Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week flashing us a sneak peek of what fall 2009 has in store for our closets. We’re a bit more than half way through the see-and-be-seen event, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with what NYC had presented us with so far.

Charlotte Ronson (beloved twin sister of none other than one of our favorite celesbians, Samantha Ronson) was part of the kick-off last Friday, debuting her collection for future frigid weather. Either Samantha’s lesbi-onic influence has more of an effect on Charlotte’s designs than we had hoped or dreamed for, or plaid is just hanging on strong all the way through next fall.

Whatever the reason, I’m glad Ronson saw the light. She’s also leaving some room for those who don’t need their clothes to cling in order to feel snappy, even in her runway showcase. It’s also nice to see a touch of tweed here and there because there’s no way I’ll ever be over that material.

Diane von Furstenberg, otherwise lovingly known as “DVF” for those of you who have trouble pronouncing her tongue twister of a German name, also socked it to us by sprinkling plaid into her fall 2009 collection. Known for her dazzling dresses, she showed the fans what a veteran is capable of — and that would be straight up wowing the crowd.

I’m a huge fan of blue on gray and I’m an even bigger fan of mixing up all the neutrals one can get her hands on and creating an outfit. Even if you don’t want to rock a skirt, you’ve gotta appreciate a well-coordinated black on gray ensemble.

Another favorite of the designers that has already shown was label Miss Sixty. I have a love/hate relationship with the line in general, mainly because I think it can be hit or miss: sometimes trashy, sometimes wearable even after being translated from runway presentation to street wear. Their jeans are also fit to girls with little to no hips and lack wiggle room, so while I admire their denim, it frequently disappoints.

I was most interested in the way the collection was styled this time around. Miss Sixty did a great job of making a statement while not being totally foreign to your average Jane.

I know it’s hard to train your eye to look at these pieces and create something that makes sense in your mind. Can you take anything that you see and find elements to make it your own?

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