Madonna wants to be part of “New Moon”


Ryan Seacrest announced on E! News that Madonna is set to be part of the Twilight sequel, New Moon, starring Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson‘s hair. While no one seems to be entirely sure as to the extent of Madge’s involvement, the film’s executive producer, Guy Oseary, has said that she will most likely appear in the film, in addition to providing music for the soundtrack.

This news is perplexing. I’m half interested, and half mind-blown. The soundtrack makes sense. Madonna’s shape-shifting musical style could fit right into the background of pretty much any film. Her whole “Frozen” era proves that she can be dark, in that gloomy, Pacific Northwest vampire-y kinda way. In fact, she looked more like a vampire in that video than Pattison did in the first film. So, I think it’s definitely possible that she’d fit right in with the undead.

Plus, these days, she certainly has looked svelte and pale enough to be convincing, too. But after the horribly failed, ex-husband-directed Swept Away, could we ever take Madonna seriously as an actress again? And in a teen vampire love story, at that?

I’m not sure which role I could see Madonna playing in New Moon. Maybe if Dakota Fanning does, in fact, join the cast as Volturi guard Jane, she could be Jane’s mother. There’s a slight resemblance. But that’s before they get their goth on, so who knows.

What do you think: Should Madonna stick to the soundtrack or can you see her with some fangs? We know Guy Ritchie already has.

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