Ellen DeGeneres has made you a mix tape


If you think you know what’s on Ellen‘s iPod, you might be right. Soul, R&B and songs you can dance to? Check, check and check.

DeGeneres is one of several celebrities who have created playlists and autographed iPods to auction off for Music Rising, an organization that replaces lost or destroyed instruments in the hurricane-affected Gulf Coast region.

Right now, you can bid on Ellen’s iPod, which is at $510. There are still eight days left, however, and something tells me it won’t go for less than a grand. Here’s what’s on her ‘pod:

1. Ribbon In The Sky (Stevie Wonder)

2. As (Stevie Wonder)

3. Eat Yourself (Goldfrapp)

4. Water From A Vine Leaf (William Orbit)

5. Weather Storm (Massive Attack)

6. Sympathy for The Devil (The Rolling Stones)

7. Sweet Thing (Rufus & Chaka Khan)

8. For The Love Of You [part 1 & part 2](The Isley Brothers)

9. Suffragette City (David Bowie)

10. Imagine (John Lennon)

Other celebrities with iPods you can bid on now include Mariah Carey and Britney Spears. In the next month, however, more and more celebs will reveal their playlists, including Samantha Ronson, so check back on the site to find out what the DJ might be listening to. Any bets on her boo’s single “Bossy” being included?