E! votes no on Sam and Linds


The addictive Ted Casablanca offered up a characteristic anti-sentimental Valentine Day post last week: 5 Celeb Couples That Should Split Up — Like Now.

Although Rihanna and Chris Brown made the top of the list I hope their breakup is a done deal — Ted thinks Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson would be smart to split, too.


I know that they ushered in the New Year with a loud, physical fight. I know that reports of their break up are as routine as my cat’s hairballs. I know that recent pictures belie our hopes that the couple is living happily ever after.

But every negative tidbit has been followed by a MySpace blog post from Lindsay herself, insisting that rumored problems are fiction. And the couple looked quite together at a West Hollywood even a few weeks ago.

I suppose that, in a weird way, the fact that Ro & Lo are discussed beside straight couples is progress. Granted, Casablanca is an out gay man, so we expect homo-friendliness, but still, talking about a lesbian couple in the same post as Jen and John, Jen and Ben and the Jonas Brothers wouldn’t have happened a few years ago.

In any case, I’m in favor of just letting Lindsay and Sam be for a while. I’m not sure any couple could withstand 24/7 scrutiny.

Who’s with me? Does the dynamic dyke duo deserve a break — or a breakup?

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