PETA utilizes a tired girl-on-girl trend


Following their banned Super Bowl commercial, animal rights group PETA decided to up the sexy ante by going gay on America with their “Girl-On-Girl Make-Out Tour.” The “Make-Out Tour” basically consists of two bikini-clad girls lying on mattresses at various street corners and periodically lip-pecking each other. (You can watch a video here.)

I’m sorry, but this sounds kind of like a Bud Light ad to me. I understand that PETA is trying to shake things up and get noticed, but I think all of this is just lame and exploitative. Yes, they’ll get noticed, because two girls making out is well, fun for everyone, but as Joaquin Phoenix proved the other night on Letterman, not all publicity is good publicity.

this whole thing just reeks of desperation. The big message behind PETA’s racy campaign is that studies have shown that veggies have better sex. Well, I’d like to see a study that shows how many straight men go veggie after seeing two girls pet each other.

PETA is placating to the stereotypical straight male fantasy that two women can’t wait for a big, burly man to come in and finish the job, or in this case, a big, burly broccoli-loving man. Sorry, PETA, but your latest stunt makes me hungry for a Big Mac.

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