Evan Rachel Wood speaks alien


Evan Rachel Wood is great at playing a lesbian. She’s also pretty swell at getting publicity lately for hanging out with her The Wrestler co-star, Mickey Rourke. Now she’ll be playing a rebellious alien for a new 3D animated film, Battle for Terra.

Wood voices Mala, a “precocious [alien] living on the beautiful planet Terra, a place where peace and tolerance are celebrated.” The synopsis reads very close to the plot of Wall-E, as Mala and the residents of Earth have “exhausted the resources of their planet and are now searching for a new home.” Humans then try to take over Terra from Mala and her family.

Mala’s father is kidnapped and she must try to save him while also attempting to keep humans from destroying her home.

Others involved with the film include Amanda Peet, Beverly D’Angelo and Sherry Jaffe Rosanna Arquette. The movie will debut in theaters May 1.

While Battle for Terra has been ready for release since late 2007, the film has only recently been picked up for distribution by Lionsgate. Could it be related to the popularity of other animated and 3D films as of late? If not, that would surely be a coincidence. Either way, lucky us.

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