Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Rachel Maddow


Sometimes I wonder about the sites that are supposed to be helping us keep track of pop culture. Take this post from BuzzFeed this week, which asks, “Who knew Rachel Maddow had a huge online following?”

Um, hello?

Some might even say it’s more like stalking than following, except that Maddow has managed to make herself accessible as a public figure while protecting her personal life from intrusion. Of course, that makes her all the more intriguing.

In any case, we should not be surprised that Rachel Followers created a special line of Valentine e-cards, free to anyone who is secure enough in her relationship to mention Maddow’s name to a significant other.

You might even choose to take advantage of your girlfriend’s Rachel crush to make a few points of your own.

Jezebel is not a fan of the Maddow Valentines, calling the cards “uninspired” because they revolve around her sexuality more than her brains or personality. While I see the writer’s point that the cards promote a stereotype that LGBT people are more focused on sex than straight people, I still think they’re funny. Besides, if any sentiment captures Maddow’s personality, it’s this one:

Maddow is smart, geeky and gay — and completely unapologetic about all three. Which is exactly why we love her.

Of course, if I sent someone a Rachel Maddow card, it would be this one:

Which goes a long way toward explaining why I’m Valentine-free this year.

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