Rebecca Loos has one on the way


Rebecca Loos, or, as I like to call her, The Poor Man’s Anne Heche, has announced that she is pregnant. Loos and the father of the baby — her long-term boyfriend who is not a famous soccer player but instead a successful but relatively unknown Norwegian doctor — will move to Madrid to raise their child.

Speaking on a Spanish talk show, Loos said: “I wasn’t planning to have a child, but it’s going to be very loved. Becoming a mother will change everything. My years as a crazy, single woman are over.”

Now, while I’m happy for Loos and her Scandinavian baby daddy, I must confess that I will miss the “crazy, single” Rebecca. In her pursuit for the limelight, she never failed to entertain the public with her tawdriness. So in tribute her former life, I want to share some Rebecca Loos crazy single-woman highlights.

In 2003, Rebecca Loos exploded onto the tabloid scene when she alleged that she and David Beckham had an affair. Rebecca’s biography on her website eloquently explains this harrowing time period:

Rebecca was seduced by her boss and simply felt guilty and used after months of this wrong relationship. When being approached with the idea of doing a news paper interview and stirring things up a bit she took the very brave decision to go for it. Why we ask her? “I was numb and empty, and doing an interview breaking all rules at least made me feel something. I was desperate to feel something.

Then, shortly after the alleged affair, Loos came out as bisexual: “I am indeed bisexual and have been ever since I was a teenager.” She went on to date British TV presenter Emma Basden.

Now, I don’t consider any of this “crazy,” but the British tabloids ate it up and it helped to perpetuate her “crazy, single woman” image.

In 2004, she shocked the British public by masturbating a pig — yes, masturbating a pig — on Channel 5’s reality TV show The Farm.

In 2005, she starred in a Sky network documentary called Power Lesbians, in which she staged a Sapphic wedding with out model Jenny Shimizu. The wedding was a protest against the ban on gay marriage but it had the added bonus of being “crazy” because Rebecca and Jenny barely even knew each other.

I guess Jenny Shimizu’s past with Angelina Jolie was résumé enough for Rebecca to tie the knot. The marriage, while brief, made international news.

Oh, Rebecca, the crazy, wild single, you will be missed.