Liz Phair and Sara Bareilles go bananas


This is not a blog about Liz Phair losing her “indie credibility.” That happened so long ago, we all have to just get over it. Everyone needs to make money, right? Especially musicians in an era where people would rather download, rip and burn than pay to support their favorite artists.

I had finally convinced myself of all of this, really, I had. I even loved 13 Going on 30, despite Jennifer Garner being all, her, and did not hate Liz Phair’s contribution the the soundtrack, the Matrix co-written, “Why Can’t I?” What can I say, I’m a lesbian sucker for Mark Ruffalo and the song just fits. So, no problem Liz. Make some money from singing weirdly poppy songs that are a total 180 from Exile in Guyville gems like “F**k and Run.” I got over it. I really did. Even when Liz was part of a 2005 Gap campaign, I chalked it up to her new-found pop-ness.

And now, Phair, along with Sara Bareilles, will be among a handful of musicians to be the new faces of Banana Republic.

According to, a new national ad campaign from the store will have the artists’ faces plastered on window displays, billboards and print ads and that Banana Republic customers will receive iTunes gift cards for their songs with purchases from Feb. 17-26.

That sort of seems like bribery, doesn’t it? “You need new khakis? Please listen to my song, while you’re at it.” I’m all for musicians trying to reach new audiences, but I sort of miss the old days when that was, you know, about playing music. Besides, can you really imagine a girl who used to look this bad-ass in a cotton blend Banana Republic button down?

Well, we’ll see it soon enough.

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