Natalie Portman and Michelle Williams get greedy


More often than not, commercials for fragrances and perfumes are some of the most beautifully shot advertisements, featuring the likes of Keira Knightley or Charlize Theron in glamorous gowns as they strut sexily around luxurious mansions or duck into limos. Italian artist Francesco Vezzoli has borrowed the idea of the celeb-infused fragrance commercial for his latest project, Greed.

(That’s the artist’s face on the bottle.)

Vezzoli commissioned actresses Natalie Portman and Michelle Williams to star in a faux fragrance ad, a 60-second commercial for a fake perfume called Greed. Greed will debut at Rome’s Gagosian Gallery on Feb. 6. Roman Polanski directed the spot, which features Williams and Portman as they wrestle over the bottle of perfume.

Vezzoli came to the idea, reportedly, after “he noticed that the world of art is more and more about the construction of desire, that is, yes, more and more like a bottle of perfume on which you are made to want to drool and that you covet.”

It must be the greatest smelling stuff ever if Michelle Williams and Natalie Portman are willing to fight for it.

The good news is that the commercial isn’t only available in Rome: Dazed Digital will air the ad in its entirety on Feb. 6 as well. Until then, they are featuring a short teaser trailer.

Do you get what Vezzoli is going for with Greed? Do you think it would have been as noteworthy of a piece if it didn’t star such famous women?

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