Styled Out: Jackie Warner wants you to be in her tops and bottoms


Jackie Warner has made quite the fitness fortune for herself and, I’m not sure if you know this or not, but the girl makes clothes, too. Yup, J.W. has been trying her hand at being a flexing fashionista.

SkyShop is the store on Jackie’s website where you can find the label created by Ms. Warner, and it’s just another pocket of Jackie’s all-encompassing house of health. I’m all for women going for the gold and there’s no denying that Warner is the epitome of exercise and all of the benefits being health conscious has to offer — I just think that she’s overcharging her die-hard fans with this line of fitness wear.

Granted, it’s essential to have the right clothing to wear to the gym. It has to be breathable and stretchable, and of course it never hurts to look cute while you’re sweating your stuff on the elliptical or under the watchful eye of a gorgeous trainer (like Jackie). But I think you’d have to agree after gazing upon these cropped sweatpants. I mean, really? I could buy those at Target and take the scissors to them myself.

I’m sure there are a lot of you who would argue that price wouldn’t be the issue to get you into Jackie’s threads because there are a lot of people I know who consider sportswear to be their main wear and therefore would have no problem throwing down on a really great pair of yoga pants or a name-brand warm-up jacket. It’s just that I think she could have gotten a little more inventive or rather cuter in her designs if she’s going to charge all that green.

I mean, talk about going the cheaper route. I know this made-for-muscles workout shirt probably fits great, but the skull with the number “10”? What does that even mean? The weights-posing-as-crossbones top looks like something Kmart could have pumped out, and it’s all for about twice the price that fashion-barren wasteland would charge you.

Jackie, I’m all for you expanding your empire, but let’s get it together: Women your age would look like they’re shopping in the junior’s section if they put on this stuff and walked out on the street.

Of course, it’s not all bad. I enjoy some of her color choices in the garments and appreciate the fact that she’s selling her whole package seeing as she’s in an image-based industry and some of her clients are going to eat it all up with a spoon. Next time just consult someone who’s actually in touch with current trends and not your dinosaur fashion sense. The camo gear she sometimes sports went out with her haircut 10 years ago.

Would you throw down for these genuine lesbian workout duds?

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