The return of Cutthroat Bitch


There’s talk around the proverbial water coolers of Princeton-Plainsboro that Wilson’s deceased girlfriend, Amber (aka Cutthroat Bitch), may return to House later this season. Because the Cuddy/baby and Fourteen storylines aren’t enough crazy to handle (don’t get me started on the Tuesday to Monday shift, either.)

While the show’s producers are apparently in “preliminary talks” with Anne Dudek about reprising her character, there’s no official word on how it would be done, or rather, how it would be done in way that isn’t a Grey’s Anatomy rip-off — or, perhaps worse, that horrible Eva Longoria Parker movie, Over Her Dead Body, and she’ll screw with every new relationship Wilson gets into.

House Executive Producer Katie Jacobs told

That is a situation where we cannot just do whatever and expect the fans to accept it. I think that would make a large [number] of people switch off their TVs. I think if we tried that, heads would roll. But, if we could figure out a way to bring her back that is not a ghost sex plot, we’d be thrilled to do it and have her back.

OK, great, She won’t be a ghost. (Is that what she meant, or just that she won’t be a ghost who gets it on? I’m confused.) So what are the other options? Will Dudek play an entirely new character, perhaps Amber’s twin, Anna the Great Colleague? Even if they could come up with something remotely believable, she’ll always be the Cutthroat Bitch in our eyes.

Or, maybe the producers have been taking notes from Ilene Chaiken and want to get into the flashback business. Who am I kidding? They’re much better than that, except when it comes to lesbian make-out scenes.

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