Rachel Maddow talks with Lesley Stahl about politics, her dog and being out


This morning, WowOWow.com posted one of the most in-depth interviews to date with every-gay-favorite Rachel Maddow. (“I feel like I’m inside out,” said Maddow at the end.) 60 MinutesLesley Stahl questioned her about everything from military policy to high school boyfriends to being lampooned on Saturday Night Live.

On coming out:

I probably came out publicly within six months of figuring out that I was gay. I mean, it’s a little murky, honestly, in retrospect. I don’t remember exactly how it all went. But I always knew there was something up. But I didn’t know what it was until I was about 16 or 17.

On telling New York Magazine that she sometimes forgets she’s a lesbian:

And it’s just something that I don’t feel like I have to make conscious decisions about very often. I don’t often think about whether or not people know that I’m gay. I assume that everybody knows that I am. It’s integral.

On going out with boys in high school:

My most serious high-school boyfriend was a Marine. And so my senior prom picture is him in full dress uniform and he’s looking at the cameraman like he’s going to kill him with his eyes. And I’m there in a dorky powder-blue prom dress, looking like I don’t know.

On people occasionally mistaking her for a guy:

No, I’m very androgynous looking. Trust me.

On how she spends her free time:

I have an 18-month-old black Lab, who requires a lot of attention, and a lot of dog walks in the woods. So I go home on the weekend to Massachusetts and I live really off the grid there, in a very rural part of the state, where we don’t have cell-phone service or anything like that. And I spend time with the dog and I work around the house and I make classic pre-prohibition-era cocktails for my girlfriend.

The full interview is really worth a read, especially if you — like every person on our blogging team — spend half your days Googling phrases like, “Maddow + baseball cap” or “Maddow + puppy” or “Maddow trounces Pat Buchanan.”

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