Styled Out: Tegan and Sara fashion some shoes


As if they couldn’t be cooler, Tegan and Sara are coming at us with yet another smash hit — and this one has nothing to do with music. Our favorite identical Canadian lesbian twins have designed not one, but two pairs of mega-hot sneakers for shoe company Macbeth.

I’m sure the sales won’t mirror the tragedy the fashion fort has been named after. Like a perfect Shakespearian masterpiece, both lesbians and otherwise are going to be all over these. Anyone with a love for happening sneaks is going to snap them up faster than you can utter “this business of art” is fantastic.

I was lucky enough to interview Sara a few years ago when the duo designed their first pair of shoes for D.C. and was elated that their trademark jeans-and-quirky-kicks style was finally getting the attention it deserved. Sara was psyched the first time around, and they have to be more than thrilled that their creative talent is once again being maxed out through their second stab at being designers. The two manage to do quite a bit between tirelessly touring and flexing their fashion muscles, and I am yet again wildly impressed.

These particular Macbeths are described as being a high-top designed for girls “translated into a feminine shape.” This is super exciting to me as I was actually on a quest to find a new pair of high-tops this past weekend and was disappointed more than not while trying on kick after pair of kicks. It seems all the styles that I fell in love with were made for men and either were ill fitting or weren’t even carried in my size. Tegan and Sara’s shoes are perfect for joining forces with your favorite hipster skinny jeans or leggings, and who better to help dictate your style than two of the hottest girls on the planet?

Sara’s design is white and looks like leather but it’s definitely vegan-friendly pleather since the twins are two of P.E.T.A.’s celebrity spokeswomen. Macbeth is an avid supporter of vegans and frequently teams with musicians to create made-for-feet animal byproduct-free masterpieces.


(BTW, this PETA picture is pretty much my favorite T&S portrait of all time. It doesn’t get gayer than this, folks.)

Tegan’s pair is made of a grayish-black canvas material. Both are scrawled with their respective first initial, Tegan’s being a bit more abstract than her sister’s but equally hot to trot. I tend to lust after Tegan more than Sara and the same goes for their sneaker designs. Both are awesome but the black just has that edge that I can’t seem to get enough of.

I don’t know about you but “I Can’t Take It.” Will these end up in your “Living Room” after they go on sale Feb. 15?

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