“Carmilla” producer Steph Ouaknine gives us the on-set scoop for Season 2


AE: Some fans have pointed out hints of Danny and Kirsch towards the end of season one. Some reacted with a little bit of their biphobia showing. But we’re never actually given labels in the series. Can you speak to Danny and Kirsch? Was that completely in the fans’ minds? 

SO: There’s something, I don’t think it’s purposefully romantic, but it’s definitely a relationship that we continue to see more of in season two. It’s really fun. They have a lot more scenes together, like just Danny and Kircsh. I think they’re hilarious. Matt [O’Connor] and Sharon [Belle] have a really good interplay.

I think that’s one of the joys of this season, is that we know the strengths of our characters. We wrote to our actors, with our actors in mind. Knowing what would be fun to see, what wouldn’t. We brought these new people into the mix and we kind of see where they land.

We lost four characters from last season. There’s no Betty, no Sarah Jane, no Natalie, and no Will. ‘Cause he dead. He’s really dead.


AE: He’s really dead? He’s not coming back?

SO: He’s real dead.


AE: Can you tell us how the four new characters are being introduced?

SO: What I can say is that all these new characters will bring up tensions that already existed within our core gang. And we will learn more about the Summer Society and the Zetas.

 Matska “Mattie” Belmonde (Sophia Walker)Carmilla2_Stills_SG-356

AE: Are these romantic tensions at all?

SO: No, I wouldn’t say so. But more interesting dynamics that could infringe upon romance, but not become a new love interest.


AE: Last season we had that slow build and then that kiss at the end. And then the Christmas episode shows Laura and Carmilla being a little bit couply. But it’s a web series–it’s short. Do we get to see them being in a relationship?

SO: Yup. That’s where we start. I can’t say that’s where we’re going to end, but that’s definitely where we start.


AE: Do we find out more about Carmilla’s demons and her issues with trust?

SO: Oh, definitely. We’re at the point where we can pay off what we’ve set up. But we’re not going to stay there and be happy forever. The angst starts pretty fast. You see the descent and where it goes–is it salvageable or is it not?

 Carmilla (Natasha Negovanlis)Carmilla2_Stills_SG-185

AE: A lot of people anticipate we’re going to see Ell this season.

SO: I wonder why people really think we’re going to see Elle? Because she was an important romantic figure in Carmilla’s past. I don’t know, maybe you’ll see her, maybe you won’t. But definitely with less importance than the fans seem to bring to Ell. That’s all I’m saying.


AE: Do we get to see more action shots this season?

SO: We do. I wish we didn’t. We have more resources this year, but it’s like, fuck, she just wrote some hard shit. I’m like, “Jordan [Hall], there’s so much this and that and that.” We don’t have a stunt coordinator, so there’s a limit to what we can do.


AE: Is it still following the same vlog format?

SO: Yup.

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